22 August 2018 – Maryland Cactus Sites

This is a working draft list of locations where cactus has been found in Maryland, excluding the Eastern Shore. (Eastern Shore sites may be added later.) If you know of a location not listed here, let me know at botanybill (at) verizon.net and I will put it on the list. Also if you would like to claim a site to watch, let me know.




Alleghany County

  • Cumberland – near exit 43 on I-68.
  • Flintstone – (at least three stations) – Opuntia humifusa s.s.

Anne Arundel County

  • Arundel High School and Arundel Middle School – possibly mowed over – 
  • Global Command Antenna Field, Davidsonville – Jo Mercer
  • Hancock’s Resolution – Field north of house – Not found – Extirpated
  • Hancock’s Resolution – Planted in garden – Opuntia cespitosa – Chris WInton and Matt Grey
  • Jug Bay, Parking Lot Meadow – Bill Harms
  • Jug Bay, Sand Barrens, Parris Glendenning Area (Wayson’s Corner?) – Bill Harms (More info)
  • Jug Bay, South Farm
  • Milt’s Sand Pit, Sands Road –  large population – old field – Opuntia humifusa –  Bill Harms – (More info)
  • Patuxent Research Refuge, Lake Allen – large population – Opuntia cespitosa with some putative introgression with Opuntia humifusa – Bill Harms (More info)
  • Patuxent Research Refuge, East of Tipton Field – likely planted many years ago – >Opuntia cespitosa – with some putative introgression with Opuntia humifusa – Bill Harms
  • Sandy Point State Park – Extirpated?
  • Weinberg Park – Opuntia humifusa s.s. – probably planted
  • Wooton’s Landing – assumed to be planted in two stations. Not found June 2019 – Possibly removed.

Baltimore County

  • Cromwell Valley Park
  • Factory Road – planted possibly from nearby wild stock – Opuntia cespitosa. (More info)
  • Phoenix area – collected in 1986

Calvert County

  • Broome Island
  • Flag Ponds

Carroll County

Charles County

  • Chapman State Park

Frederick County

  • East of Emmitsburg

Howard County

  • Main Street, Elkridge – Planted next to a parking lot – Opuntia humifusa s.s. (more info)

Montgomery County

  • Bear Island
  • Southern end of the Billy Goat A Trail in C&O Canal NHP
  • Plummer’s Island – Extirpated
  • River Road, SSW of Poolesville – Confirmed as Opuntia humifusa – Robert Ferraro

Prince George’s County

  • Billingsley House
  • MacGruder’s Landing
  • Nottingham Road – apparently planted – tentatively Opuntia mesacantha ssp. mesacantha
  • Priest Bridge
  • Queen Anne Canoe Launch – open meadow – apparently Opuntia humifusa s.s.
  • Rte 301 – small number of plants – planted

St. Marys

  • Commander’s residence USN Solomon’s Recreation Area in Lawn
  • Patuxent Naval Air Station, East side of Security Road at NE corner air station.
  • Piney Point

Washington County

  • Kemps Mill – None found on a re-visit to area with Joe Metzger in 2018. Possibly extirpated.

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