Matt Beziat –
Nature Photographer Extraordinaire

Matt Beziat

Anyone from Maryland (and beyond) who follows the nature photography pages on Facebook will certainly recognize Matt’s name. He is a prolific photographer who with his smartphone and camera, takes the most amazingly stunning photographs of nature. His subjects include plants, birds, insects, and scenery.

He has won recognition for his images from Flicker and other web pages, and has contributed images to to citizen scientist projects like Maryland Biodiversity Project and

His enthusiasm for nature is catching. With his keen eye, he seems to spot plants and other subjects that no one else sees.

He also is an eager volunteer who mans the front desk at the Patuxent Research Refuge’s North Tract Visitors Contact Station, works with Mike Goldberg in putting on nature scavenger hunts on the North Tract, and performs trail monitoring duties.

His contributions to the Refuge’s Plant Inventory Project make him a valued member of the team.

Bill Harms. Plant Inventory Project Coordinator.

Showy Orchis
Photo taken by Matt Beziat

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