5 May 2012 – Close Encounter of a Slithering Kind

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Watch it buster!

Today while slogging in the steam which flows between Beaver Valley and Shangri La I had a close encounter with a snake called a Black Racer – (Coluber constrictor). It did not try to slither away like most racers I have seen before. Instead it coiled up and tried to look threatening. I spotted it next to the stream in a patch of sun that was poking its way through the tree canopy. I assume it was trying to get some sun, but because it was next to the stream it was still cold and sluggish. Anyway, the closer I got the more it coiled up and when I was on top of it its tail was shaking rapidly. In order to see what its underside looked like I carefully pick it up and took a quick photograph and let it go.

(Click on thumbnails below for larger view.)

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