6 April 2013 – Giant Purple Wakerobin

6 April 2013 Botany Bill Non-RefugeTrip to Spokane

The Giant Purple Wakerobin (Trillium kurabayashii J.D. Freeman) is a rare plant that is endemic to the coastal areas of Southeast Oregon and extreme Northwest California. They can form large colonies.

These pictures were taken in the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, Bellevue, Washington on 6 April 2013.


Closeup of flowers showing twisted petals.

The plants are from 8 to 28 inches tall. Each leaf is up to 6 inches long and mottled with brown.

The petals are spreading and 2 to 4.5 inches long and a dark liver red in color.They become twisted as they age.

The sepals are 2 to 3 inches long and are mostly green but marked with brown. They thrive in moist, deep humus covered soils.




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