13 May 2015 – Swamp doghobble – Eubotrys racemosa

13 May 2015 Botany Bill JournalNon-Refuge

Swamp doghobble (Eubotrys racemosa (L.) Nutt.) is a member of the Ericaceae (Heath Family) and is native in the USA along the Coastal Plain from Massachusetts to Florida to Texas. It lives in various habitats such as savannas, forests, and bogs. It is not shade tolerant. The leaves are deciduous. The inflorescence is a row of bell-shaped white flowers each just under a centimeter long. The fruit is a capsule.

The scientific name for this species in some references is Leucothoe racemosa L. Other common names for the swamp doghobble include fetter-bush, leucothoe, sweet-bells leucothe, and sweetbells.

On the refuge, you can find swamp doghobble in open boggy areas. I found the specimen seen here in the BGE Powerline Right-of-way on the North Tract.





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