28 July 2018 – Cactus at Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary Parking Lot Meadow

Today, Matt Beziat, Dave Anderson, and I paid a visit to the meadow next to the Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary Center parking lot to look for the cactus reportedly there. The meadow was well maintained with plenty of native plants.  While walking around the meadow, we met up with Kerry Wixted who also happened to be in the area.

We spotted some cactus around the perimeter of the meadow on the opposite side of the parking lot. Someone had also planted some cactus along a fence across the road from the meadow. The cactus was apparently O. humifusa s.s. Most of the cladodes had four areoles per diagonal row with a few which had three or five. We did not see any plants with spines.

A spring visit is planned to examine the coloration of the flowers.

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