21 May 2016 – Temple Grass – Zoysia matrella

2016-05-21 Botany Bill JournalPlant Profile

Spike with pistillate (female) flowers. (Click on thumbnail for larger view)

Today, I found an interesting exotic on the Central Tract. It is called Temple Grass and the scientific name is Zoysia matrella. This native to East Asia and northern Australia is sometimes planted in North America as a lawn grass. Its matting nature makes it a natural for planting on golf course greens. It is tolerant to high salinity and is therefore sometimes planted as erosion control and in lawns in coastal areas.

Someone planted this grass on the Snowden Pond dike, and it seems to like it there.




Spike with staminate (male) flowers. (Click on thumbnail for larger view.)

It is a diecious, meaning that the female and male reproductive flower parts are found on separate plants. (see the photos on this page.) The leaves angled at more or less 90 degrees from the culm/stem, distinguishes this species from a related species, Zoysia japonica, which have leaves that point upwards towards the end of the stem.


Leave blades extending at about 90 degrees from culm/stem. (Click on thumbnail for larger view.)

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