20 June 2015 – Gerronema strombodes

2015-06-20 Botany Bill JournalPlant Profile

DSC00904Spotted this interesting mushroom along Mill Race Road just past the swamp. They were growing all over the woods from the humus soil. I can’t seem to find a common name for it, but its scientific name is Gerronema strombodes. In some references, it has been called Chrysomphalina strombodes, Omphalia strombodes and Clitocybe strombodes.



It is saprobic, meaning that it feeds on the deadwood of hardwoods and conifers. Its gills run down the stem.




It is found in the Southeastern USA.

This mushroom’s edibility is uncertain, but at least one states that it is edible. Depending on the person, it has a mild or bitter taste, and its odor is mild or faintly sweet.


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