1 June 2015 – Swamp Dewberry – Rubus hispidus

DSC00441Today, while on South Tract I located the other known species of Dewberry on the refuge, Swamp Dewberry (Rubus hispidus L.) It is also called Bristly Dewberry due to its presence of numerous bristles throughout the plant instead of prickles. Swamp Dewberry may be a slight misnomer, although it is frequently found in swampy habitats, it is also found in drier habitats as well. Its native range is Central and Eastern North America from Ontario and the Maritime Provinces on the North to Texas and South Carolina on the South.


Besides have more bristles than prickles, it differs from the other dewberry know on the Refuge – Northern Dewberry (Rubus flagellaris) with its leaflet tips being blunter/more obtuse and more flowers and later fruits per flowering stem.  Its flowers are smaller on the average than the Northern Dewberry.


They are in full bloom on the refuge in open areas such as the powerline right-of-ways and in swales and ditches along side roads.



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